I began taking college classes during the summer before my senior of high school at Birmingham Southern College. (Wow, what a great summer) . The following sumer I took additional classes at the University of North Alabama in Florence, near my hometown of Tuscumbia (home of the Deshler Tigers, my high school alma mater).

I've been a serious student as long as I can remember, since kindergarden I suppose. After high school I enrolled at Auburn University majoring in chemical engineering. I excelled in my studies and took a job interning every other quarter in order to gain job experience. I worked at TVA in Muscle Shoals, AL where my duties were to analyze fertilizer samples made in an enormous plant called the "Green Giant". After two quarters of studies and two internships I was quite certain that the nitty-gritty study of chemicals and working in a plant was not for me. It was too technical, too mechanical, too process oriented. It lacked a human quality which I could not committ a career to.

I searched for another major.