Fall has arrived. Dharmesh has been staying busy with HubSpot and my art classes have begun. I'm taking acrylic painting with Anthony Riccardi and Grisailled methods with Sameul Garegiyan ( www.samuelg.com/home.htm ).

Along with painting, I'm taking Spanish and Norwegian classes. I'll be finishing up intensive Spanish II next week and begin participating in a Norwegian Reading Circle this week. The class is being taught by

Summer 06:
Dharmesh graduated with a Masters of Technology from MIT in June! He is currently working on a third start-up: Hubspot (www.hubspot.com). His promises of a changed schedule not slavishly devoted to studies or to work this summer have not materialized yet. I fear I may have married a serial entreprenuer unable to stop and smell the roses.

We do have our tickets to India scheduled. We will be there over Christmas for Bina's wedding (www.chintanandbina.com).

I've spent the summer taking painting classes, gardening, and spending time with my Dharmesh's parents and my Mother who were visiting for extended periods since Dharmesh's graduation.

I am in the midst of planning a three-week trip to Norway and Turkey, leaving in August.