I am currently taking graduate classes in government and history at Harvard's extension school. I've had an avid interest in politics since my teenage years, though I found that such interests were (I suspect growing up in rural Alabama played a role). Particuarly, standing on the left side of the political line in Alabama drastically reduced my circle of like-minded commrades.

Always the life long student, I began taking courses at Harvard more as a self-fullfillment exercise than in steps towards a career change. Though after my first foreign policy class, I was hooked. I began taking requisite classes for applying to the Masters (ALM) program.

Though science is what I devoted most of my earlier studies too, my heart and soul is energized by phillosophy, politics, and art. Since giving up my job as a pharmacist and moving to Boston, I have had the fortunate opportunity to investigate areas of my life for which I had possesed a keen interest for, but which seemed too impractical to pursue at the time. I loved art as a child (see my clothed horses -age six) and I love creating art now. Completing a certificate in Graphics Design at the Museum of Fine Arts was an exercise for parts of my brain neglected for too long . Studies in design spurred me to take painting classes and before I knew I was participating in art exhibitions.