Dharmesh and I met in the summer of 1991. He was getting his computer science degree at UAB and I, freshly graduated from Auburn, was working as a pharmacist in a retail chain.

We met through mutual friends and really hit it off. I remember my first impression of him as being such a quiet and shy guy. Of course, with just a few conversations, one quickly realizes that he is also extremely intelligent. And, as I got to know him, I discovered that he had a great sense of humor and an aura of kindness and humility that made you want to get to know him better. With mutual aspirations of going on to graduate school, we decided to study for the GRE together. We studied often and frequently incorporated bookwork into various activities - over pizza, before catching a movie, after a show at the theatre. We even brought our books along on hikes at Oak Mountain Park. Studying had never been so fun. And, well the rest is hisory.

Ok, a bit of that history: Having taken the GRE by December, studying was replaced by dinners out and in (I cooked many a spaghetti dinner), movies, and pool games at "The Break" (a smoky dive on 8th Ave that no longer exists, but that we will always remember). We went on out of town trips, met for lunch several times a week and spent every weekend together that I happened not to be working. It was a great year.

Then ..... Dharmesh started a software company, Pyramid. It grew, and his time as an entrepreneur was consumed with running a business. Life was still great, though I often tell him that he reeled me in that first year (we've only been on one hiking trip since), and then put me on hold for his first love - that damn laptop. Devoted to building Pyramid, he began traveling all over the East Coast to meet with clients. Fortunately, my week-on, week-off schedule at UAB hospital enabled me to travel with him on my weeks off. We shared many great trips. Pyramid eventually expanded, maintaining offices in Birmingham, Boston, and Chicago by 1998. We had dreamed of moving out of the South for years and eventually ended up in Boston in the Fall of 1999.

We were engaged in India in 2001, married in Longwood Park in 2002 (in Brookline, bordering Boston) shortly after buying our first home, located just a couple of blocks from our outdoor wedding site. We followed up with a traditional Norwegian wedding in 2003, and have an Indian wedding in the works for the Fall of 2006.

Dharmesh will graduate with a Masters of Technology from MIT in June. He is also working on a second start-up, Hubspot (even though he promised he would not become a serial entrepreneur). Fortunately, his new pursuit will not involve the boot-strapping and time committment of his first business endeavor. He is filling out the management staff, and we hope to take some long overdue vacation time after he graduates in June.

To learn more about my wonderful husband, truly the smartest and kindest guy I know, visit his startup blog or Dharmesh's Personal Blog