The picture to the left is a befitting representation of my life as a little girl living on a small farm in rural Alabama. Norwegian Hillbillies living in Alabama. It is interesting. There are so many things about a Norwegian that do not jive with Alabamians; however, my father has so many characteristics which made living in rural Alabama, the perfect place for him (and us?) to be.

On our little 30 acre farm we had chickens and cows, goats and pigs, the miscelleneous goose and turkey, and even at one point a pair of Chinchillas - I believe my Father thought he was going to raise and breed them for fur.
My father loves rusty things ... nuts, bolts, lugnuts and screws... rusty things. Those myriad metal objects with their myriad uses - holding together a loose joint on a tractor, fixing a fence post, repairing a barn door.