My Life

It's 2007!  Happy New Year!  
We spent three weeks in India over Christmas to attend Bina's wedding - it was superb!  Four days of cultural glitz.  I felt like I was participating in a Bollywood movie.  Bina was a beautiful bride.  Her spouse, Chintan, is a great guy.  We are thrilled they will be living in Boston!

October 2006: 
Fall has arrived.  Dharmesh has been staying busy with HubSpot and my art classes have begun.  I'm taking acrylic painting with Anthony Riccardi  and Grisailled methods with Sameul Garegiyan ( ).  

Along with painting, I'm taking Spanish and Norwegian classes.  I'll be finishing up intensive Spanish II next week and begin participating in a Norwegian Reading Circle this week.  The class is being offered through the Sons of Noray Norumbega Lodge in Boston.

After more than three decades of living in Alabama, I moved to Boston with my husband, Dharmesh in 1999.  We have since added an addition to our family... and a lovely Zen cat named Sid.   
   The opening of a Pyramid satelite office in Boston combined with our strong urge to experience a different part of the country landed us in beautiful New England.  Though we miss aspects of the South (friendly people early Spring and  late Falls), we love our new environment.  Boston is a thriving, diverse metropolis offering myriad academic, cultural, and artistic activities.
    I celebrated my 8th year of not practicing pharmacy in June.    Since settling in "Bean Town", I've enthusiastically embraced my "right brain" urges.  Since completing a graphic design program at the Museum of Fine Arts School in 2001, I've done work on various desgin projects for non-profits.  I've also been taking painting classes.    I started with oils, though acrylic is my most recent choice of medium.  My latest paintings are a series of wildlife scenes.  Go to for a peek at my artwork.      
    Dharmesh has since sold Pyramid, graduated from Sloan Businsess School at MIT, and is working on a new start-up - Hubspot  Besides painting, I've  been taking graduate courses in government at Harvard's extension school.  I'm in no rush, but hope to apply to a master's program in public policy within the next few years.